When the previous owner Matsuoka Kunihiko lived in France, Mr. Hiraga visited to France. They made a friendship deeply. When they went drinking party, they made pleasant times of making their keen aesthetic sense made-honed with their great wealth of knowledge and humor. Two of man who loves art powerfully, was surrounded by many friends and woman. Yes. Where there is a love, there is an art. And where there is an art, there is love. The previous owner and Mr. Hiraga were always cool, mischievous, and very gentle for everyone.“VAGABOND” has been loved by everyone and prosper with support by the voices of many costumers that wishing the bar has continue if the previous owner and Mr. Hiraga were dead.

PHOTO  Kunihiko Matsuuoka(Left)とKei Hiraga(Right)



There are some tales that there is a cupid in “VAGABOND”, the foreigners who sat side by side by chance at “VAGABOND” got marriage. There is a chance of the cupid will smile for you.



The pictures on the wall in ”VAGABOND” will exude peculiarity mood and makes your senses get soused. The previous owner Matsuoka kunihiko had deep knowledge of art as try to be a painter. And he had an admiration for Mr. Hiraga. The paintings of Mr. Hiraga has possessed at many art museum in all over the world, like The museum of Modern Art New York, Victoria and albert Museum, and The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo. There is “ The Museum of Hiraga Kei” at Hakone-yumoto where he spend his remaining years. He loved by people in Hakone-yumoto, and his paintings and the title lettering has been decorated in many shops of there.